Beautiful and Functional

“The Steasel is simply the most beautiful and functional easel that a painter could ask for. Colin created a custom eight-foot Steasel for my home studio and it is a dream to use.  The heavy strips of steel slide easily and the magnets make moving and repositioning a painting effortless.  My favorite accessory is the painters stick; a magnetic stick that is adjustable, so I can rest my hand as close or as far off the canvas as I desire.”

-Robert Lange, professional painter

I Want One

“Everyone asks about the Steasel and usually the first comment to follow is, “I want one.” I truly believe the reason for this is that easels have been the same outdated design for centuries.  This design is modern, clean, and considers the painter’s studio as their work place not a place where they set-up an old wooden contraption. Modern painters have full-time spaces that they work in and it’s about time that someone designed a beautiful, functional piece of art that can permanently be installed in their space to work on.”

-Megan Aline, professional painter and gallery owner

The Steasel Hangs Beautifully

“We have two working studios in the gallery, one for artist JB Boyd and one for Robert Lange.  Both artists have very different needs and processes but the Steasel accommodates them both.  However, perhaps the nicest thing about what Colin has created is, when either of them are not painting, the Steasel hangs beautifully in the space and I can easily set a finished painting on it for display if I need to.”

-Carri Schwab, gallery director at RLS Gallery

A Work of Art Itself

“The Steasel has been the best improvement to my studio to date. It optimizes the limited space I have, and allows me to work on multiple paintings at once. On top of it all, the Steasel is a work of art itself, and is a beautiful addition to my home. Durable, unique, beneficial….I recommend it to every artist I know!”

-KC Collins, professional painter